Short Astronomy Videos

I have created a series of short videos on youtube about astronomy. I will continue to contribute and make more of these. Let me know if you there any you want to see.


Snooker Physics

In collaboration with Loughborough University I created a series of videos explaining some of the physics behind snooker. These coincided with the 2017 snooker world championships. Click the link below to see the full playlist.

Moon Landing Experiment

During the first and subsequent moon landings an experiment was setup to measure very accurately the distance between the Moon and Earth, known as the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment. For decades, ground based lasers were used to measure the distance by timing the delay in pulses reflected back off equipment placed on the moon from the landings.

Scientific Advisor

A new children’s book recently published Sharon Cohen titled “Halo Moon” follows 12 year old Halo Moon who is a keen stargazer. As with films many authors often seek the guidance of scientific advisors to make sure that elements of the story are factually and scientifically correct. Dr Phil Sutton offered advice on how Halo Moon might use the skywatcher telescope she had in the story and what sort of objects she might be able to observe during the summer. Some of the objects Halo was able to see with her telescope was M13 (below), a globular cluster of stars and Jupiter’s four largest moons.

During the story the characters observe a meteor as it falls to Earth and Dr Sutton also advised how this might be seen, heard and maybe even felt.


School Visits

I regularly visit schools and colleges to talk about a range of space related topics:

  • Cassini spacecraft and Saturn’s rings
  • Exoplanet science

More importantly students get the opportunity to discuss any space related topics  they want.

Public Lectures

Public Engagement

Poster Presentation at PEARL (Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln).

Public engagement research poster 2.png